Penyampaian Materi Prof. M. Fadil

Penyampaian Materi Prof. M. Fadil

Strengthen Role of Social Work  Practice civil society organizations, non profit organization 2023, education universities, institutions 2022, policy policy maker (ministries), independent state institutions (commision) 2021.

Prof. M. Fadil menyampaikan materi

Practice level 1. Activitist for change organise community protests of fundrisers 2. Advocate advocate for their needs (especially for dissability/mental health group) 3. Assistant identify concrete needs : food, clothing, shelter, social benefits, health care 4. Advisor find creative practical solution

Education  level 1. Foster relationship 2. Collaboration 3 . Integrate formal education 4. Focus 3 priority sectors 5. Life long learning 6. Keep alert be aware contempory problems 7. Education on poverty 8. Up to date learn from best modwls of practice and solution

Policy 1. Streng and legal  fromework 2. Improve social work qualification 3. Ensure acreditation of social work programmers 4. Improve proffesional disipline and integrity of practice


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